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Would you like to work here

Here is what you can expect from your experience.
Why choose Us?

A lot of fun

Who says that volunteer work can't be fun? This is a ministry service not a job. If you are interested in seeing kids’ lives changed by the power of God, and having a great time in the process then you should apply.

Why choose Us?

Hands On Experience

If you enjoy working with kids or feel like God has called you into the ministry. Camp Penuel East is a great proving ground for you to test your limits. Great hands on ministry training in a fun and exciting environment.

Why choose Us?

Part of Something Important

Have you ever wanted to be a part of something that matters? We get to sow into kids' lives every week and see them forever changed by the power of God. Apply today if you think this ministry if for you..

What does the staff do

This is a summary of what will be expected of you.

We Minister

We demonstrate the love of Christ to each and every kid that comes here. They should know that we are Christians by our love.

We Work

It takes a lot of hard work to run a camp. There are many jobs that must be done every day some are more fun than others.

We Play

That's right, we play every day. We organize games play basketball or play catch with the kids and just have fun.

We Serve

It is our job to meet the needs of every child. We need to serve them out of love not obligation they deserve our very best.

We Entertain

We teach the kids fun songs and tell stories around the campfire. We want them to have the time of their lives at camp.

We Pray

We have a staff chapel every day at 7:00am to intercede on behalf of these kids. We pray that God will have His way every day.