Frequently Asked Questions

our most frequently asked Questions

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Who is our free camping program for?
Any child between the ages of 7-11. Our camping program is open to anyone regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, gender, or handicap.
How do I sign up my child?
Camp Penuel East works with organizations and churches to enroll children in their communities and neighborhoods. On our home page you can find the cities and dates available for camp. Fill out the applicatoin and send it to the local coordinator for your city. The number of spaces may be limited.
How long are the children at camp?
Camp runs Monday through Friday. The children arrive at camp in the afternoon on Monday around 3:30pm and leave after breakfast on Friday around 10:00am. You can calculate when they should arrive home depending on how far they have to travel from camp.
Where do the children sleep?
We have 10 nice cabins on our campus. Each cabin is equipped with its own toilet, shower, and sink. Our cabins hold ten kids and one counselor. Each cabin has at least one adult present at all times.
How do the children travel to camp?
Transportation is provided by the local organization or church, but once your children arrive we will take care of all of their needs while they are with us.
What do the children do at camp?
Each day the children receive three regular meals and an afternoon and evening snack. We have a nature trail for hiking; we have a lake for boating and swimming, two pools for swimming, crafts, skits, puppets, singing, basketball, soccer, kickball, volleyball, football, and group games, singing, Bible stories, crafts and lots of play time. Evenings are special with campfires, carnival, treasure hunts, family friendly movies, and talent shows. We have 25 acres of beautiful property with a play ground that includes tetherball and many other things to keep the kids entertained.
Can I come visit my children?
No, we have a closed campus and we are very serious about security. We are being entrusted with your children and we do not take that lightly. It would be impossible to do background checks on every person that just wants to pop in and say hello. So we don't allow any family or friends to visit for any reason.
What should my child bring to camp
All of the cabins have 11 beds, but we do not provide bedding. You will want to send your child with a twin sized fitted sheet and blanket or sleeping bag. They will also need a pillow. They will need a towel and all of their personal items like a tooth brush and shampoo, deodorant. You may want to send some sunblock and bug spray for your child we often have a lot of mosquitoes. There is a list on every application of what to bring and not to bring. The items that we mentioned are the most forgotten items.
What if my child takes medicine or has special medical needs?
We have a qualified nurse on campus 24 hours a day. All of the children must turn in all of their medicine to the coordinator before boarding the bus for camp. You should put all of their medicine in a ziplock bag and label it with their name. If your child has special equipment like a breathing machine for Asthma it should be labeled with their name as well. We will make sure that your child stays on schedule with their medication and medical treatments.
What kind of food do you serve at camp?
We have an amazing cook that prepares all of our meals. We eat the kind of food that you would expect to eat at a kid’s camp. We have macaroni & cheese, chicken nuggets, French fries, Spaghetti with meat sauce, pizza, tacos and cheeseburgers. For snacks we have potato chips, popsicles, ice-cream sandwiches, rice crispy treats, cookies, popcorn, snocones and s'mores around the campfire. Even the pickiest of eaters seems to enjoy our menu.
What if my child has special dietary needs?
We have probably seen every kind of food allergy that there is. When it comes up we inform everyone on staff of any kids with food allergies on campus. We will also create special meals for kids that cannot eat what we are serving. We have had many special dietary needs to accommodate. Some examples are: Vegan, Gluten Free, Lactose intolerant, and peanut allergy. If your child requires some type of special food you can always send it with them and we will prepare it.
What does Penuel mean?
Penuel means “face of God” it is taken from Genesis 32, where Jacob wrestled with the angel and wouldn’t let go until God touched him. When Jacob got up from that place he was changed forever, and that is what we want for every child that comes here to be changed by the power of God and to never be the same again.
Where do you get all of your funding?
First and foremost we do not receive any financial support from the government. We raise money all year long so that Camp Penuel East can provide free camp to every child that wants to come here. Most of our funds come from individuals that believe in what we are trying to do and want to sow into this ministry. Some of our funding comes from churches that believe in sowing into missions. We receive a little money from businesses and a couple of foundations. A small portion of our funds comes from hosting retreats at our facility.
Can I rent your facility for a ministry retreat, and what does it cost?
Yes, all we ask for is a donation for your time spent with us. We don't have a minimum donation whatever you give help fund this ministry. Just keep in mind that 100% your church or organization's donation will go toward covering the cost of running and providing free camp to deserving children.
How many people can your facility hold for a retreat?
Our lodge will seat over 100 people, and we have plenty of tables and chairs. We have a fully equipped kitchen with everything that you will need to hold a successful banquet or event. We also have enough cabins and beds for over 130 people to stay overnight or as long as your retreat will last. Each of our ten cabins contains eleven beds including a full bathroom. We also have a dorm building with over twenty beds and also includes full bathrooms.
Can I use your facility for a wedding and reception?
No, We no longer host weddings or receptions here.