Coordinator Info

What does the coordinator do

This is a summary of what will be expected of you.

Find Campers

Find kids between the ages of 7-11 to bring to camp. Use this as an opportunity to reach out to the lost in in your community.


Find Counselors

You need to provide at least one counselor for every ten kids. They must be at least 16 years of age and must be mature and responsible.



Keep us informed with your progress. We are here to help you make this a success. Send your pre-registration form to us so we can be prepared.



You will be sending all of your applications to us on the bus. Have all of the medicine from campers and counselors separated and labled.



We don't provide buses to or from our camp. You need to find buses that suit your needs and have your church cover the cost.


Follow Up

God does amazing things in the lives of everyone that comes here. Continue to sow into the lives of all of the kids and help them grow in the faith.

Important camp forms

Coordinator HandbookAll the information you need to get started.

Camper ApplicationPrintable application to give to all of the parents.

Counselor ApplicationPrintable application for each of your volunteers.

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